Sunday, 29 January 2017

Week update


We are coming to the end of January and I am looking forward to the start of February and payday of course!
Last week I had a stall at a local market and although I sadly didn't make any sales it was a good incentive to get my stock sorted, labelled and photographed. I enjoyed arranging my area and some business cards were taken.

I have listed two new quilts on etsy, feel free to take a look here

Having felt a bit run down this weekend due to catching a cold that is going round the office, I didn't get any sewing done, I did have plans to finish another quilt which I will work on next week.
I have been working on a cross stitch project which is relaxing, I love seeing how the little houses are forming.

Friday, 20 January 2017

2016 a Year in Review

I think most people can say that 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year and many are pleased to welcome in 2017 with the new opportunities and fresh start it.
For me 2016 was a busy year, it was the first year owning a house with my partner and we have been adjusting to owning rather than renting a house. Having settled in the focus moved to decorating a few rooms and making the house our own.

The majority of my crafting has taken a step back while we have been doing the DIY. In November we finished decorating the spare room, which has given me the chance to sort out my sewing supplies and arrange my desk and storage space. 

Here are some photos of my main projects for 2016



For 2017 I want to make more items and get my etsy page more active.
I am attending a fair in Lincoln tomorrow, fingers crossed that I get some sales!!