This page shows my completed objects.
I hope you enjoy looking at them.
The projects with a blog post will link to it when you click on it.

 photo P1070468.jpg
Knitted Rowan pure wool blanket
 photo P1070355.jpg
Knitted baby blanket
 photo e571ffea-11e0-4b8b-94cd-da1b8d84e84c.jpg
Toiletry bag
 photo P1070100.jpg
Liberty print cushion
 photo P1070101.jpg
Patchwork star cushion
 photo P1070344.jpg
Knitted lavender hearts
 photo P1020556a.jpg
Pink and white quilt
 photo f5a308e2-9de6-458a-b377-3e0194212df4.jpg
Label for pink and white quilt
 photo P1070155.jpg
Baby boy cardigan
 photo P1020570.jpg
Large make-up bag
 photo P1040209.jpg
Washing peg bag & Kindle case
 photo P1050213.jpg
Patchwork floor cushion
 photo P1040104.jpg
Star quilt
 photo P1040110.jpg
Star quilt folded into cushion
 photo P1020532.jpg
Summer handbag
 photo IMG_0544.jpg
Linen apron
 photo IMG_1580.jpg
Cord small handbag
 photo P1000648.jpg
Cotton Kindle case

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