Monday, 21 March 2011

My sewing machine is no longer naked!

My sewing machine lives on my desk next to my laptop and it is quite happy there. However I am fed up that every time I start sewing I have to dust it off, it just seems to attract dust. 
Dusty sewing machine :(

 This could be a hint that I need to clean more, however I decided I would make a cover for it instead. I found this lovely linen on and decided to give it a go.
Firstly I made a practise cover from calico which I drew on and could unpick and move the seams without worrying about waste. This worked out well as I only had my sewing machine as a guide for the size. Essentually I started with two large rectangles and two thinner ones and adjusted the seams until it was a good fit.
calico with pins.

Then I cut the pattern fabric based on the calico cover with a seam allowance.

I had some issues with the cutting as I didn't quite have enough fabric, I had not ordered enough. Therefore one of the panels (typical that it is the front one!) is 3 sections stiched together. The square pattern on the fabric was useful for this and made the joins hander to see.
Front panel with sections

Next  I sewed up the four side seams, ironed and sewed the hem at the bottom.
Top section before sewing

Now for the top. Originally I was going to sew on a fifth panel as the top piece, however once I had cut the fabric I had cut it tall enough so that I could fold over the two sides and sew in the middle to complete it. This does mean that my sewing is rather visible, but I kept it as even as possible so it should look ok.

Finished cover
Cut away area for plug

My happy and tidy looking desk hurrah

I'm pleased with this and my desk looks alont neater now. Hopefully my sewing machine is pleased it will no longer get covered with dust!

New skills and materials used

  • Cutting fabric for a pattern. Need to take my time doing this and not rush it. The first attempt was the wrong way round. 
  • It is important to think hard before ordering fabric and double check measurements.

Shopping list
  • Linen
  • Thread Gutermann green and orange

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  1. Very cute! Wanted to say a big belated thank you and give you a big hug for giving my blog an award, I was very pleased but didn't act on it straight away as life was very hectic (unfortunately not in a good way) at the time but it did cheer me up. Cheers me dears xx