Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cross stitch wall hanging

A while ago I started a cross stitch project. I don’t do cross stitch very often but it makes a nice change. I actually started this project on holiday in Italy last summer. It was beautiful weather and lovely to sit by the swimming pool in our villa doing some sewing.

Swimming pool in Itlay

Sunflower field next to the villa
The pattern is from Cross Stitcher number 252 May 2012. My mum buys this magazine as she does a lot of cross stitching. I like this magazine as they have a very good range of projects rather than just cards. They also have some modern designs and very pretty things, they have a good mix of appealing and different styles. There is also just enough in there in addition to patterns such as interviews etc.

I had originally planned to do it in a red white and blue theme, probably because that was a popular theme last year. I was also planning on hanging it on my bedroom door and add some colour to my room.

I used 14 count aida and DMC threads, and I did the sewing in an embroidery hoop. I stitched some gridlines to help me keep track of the pattern.

A work in progress

I did most of the blue parts and then started to sew the bobbins at the bottom and the thread in the machine at the top in a bright read. However I had since moved house and thought that I wanted it to match with my sewing machine cover and fit in with the style of the room better. I unpicked the red and added in some orange, purple and green.
Wall hanging

Close up of design

I sewed up the cross stitch onto a calico backing and added in the pockets with some ribbon it disguise the join. I used a wooden barbeque skewer to keep it flat against the wall.

I am pleased with this, it took a lot of time but I think it looks good next to my desk. I also keep my sewing essentials in there such as tailors chalk, unpicker and the top bobbin holder for my machine.

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