Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring is in the air

For a while I have been trying to get all of my half finished things completed. I did have a large box with all sorts of things in it which I have been sorting through. Getting the items finished feels good and most things did not need much time to complete them.

Today I wanted to show two finished knitted items. I have also updated my ravelry page with photos which I have been meaning to do for a long time.

Baby cardigan
Close up of buttons

I started this cardigan last August, and then stopped it for a few months when I got stuck on part of the pattern. I picked it up again just after Christmas and finished it at the end of January.
This was knitted on 4mm needles except for the button band which was on 3.4mm needles. I used 2 50gram balls of yarn in a white colour. I made the smallest size.
You can see the pattern here
As you can see I did not do the leaf bits. This was a shame as this was what drew me to this design to begin with. However I tried them 5 times and could not work out how to do them, so I decided to make it a plain cardigan, because of the plainness I wanted to buy some cute buttons for it and then I found these teddy bear ones.

Infinity scarf

I started this scarf at the end of January as I wanted a scarf to wear while I was riding my bike, but I did not want the ends of the scarf to get in my way. I knitted this on 5 mm needles and I used some Wendy Mode DK in a pale blue. It used 3 50gram balls. I already had this yarn so it was a good way to get it used up and save money by not having to buy anything new.
I completed this last week, but I was away for 3 weeks and left it here so it would have been finished sooner. I am pleased that I have kept up with making this one, and barely put it down or got distracted! Probably because I really wanted to wear it.
 I found the pattern on ravelry and the link is here.
My knitting is slowly improving, I would like to learn some more complicated techniques and I would love to learn how to knit fairisle designs, or how to do cabling  as I think they are beautiful. I have some lovely Rowan wool which I am trying to find a pattern for it is a rust red colour. I should try to get this started in the summer so it is ready to wear next winter.

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