Monday, 26 May 2014

Rowan knit along


I have been taking part in the Rowan knit along and although I was a bit unsure at first I am now thoroughly enjoying it.
Each week for 8 weeks a new square pattern is released, at the end you sew the squares together to create a (hopefully) beautiful blanket.
I thought it would be a good way to improve my knitting skills in a manageable way, without getting stuck on a larger project.
I am fell in love with the yarn when at my local shop and although it is more than I have spent on wool I can tell that it is worth it as it is so lovely to knit with and should last a long time. The yarn they have designed the blanket for is their pure wool worsted which comes in 50 different colours in balls of 100grams.

The colours were selected quite randomly, I knew that I could spend the next 3 months deciding and debating, so I didn't give myself the opportunity and walked into the shop, chose my first 6 colours in a few minutes. Later on I chose my last three colours.

The designer recommends 6 squares of each pattern, and that you should do 3 squares in each colour. Because I did not want to have lots and lots of colours, and I wanted it to look random, I have done each pattern in 6 different colours, therefore each pattern is not made in the same colour twice. This will result in each colour not being used for two squares. I am hoping to then put them together in a layout that will work with this design.
So far I have knitted 12 squares and I am working on the most recent pattern, which is clue 6 little doughnuts.

My only issue so far is that the pace is a bit fast for me, and I am struggling to keep up. I am aiming to get 4 of each pattern completed at the end of week 8, and then I will go back and do the last 2 of each pattern. I feel this will be a more manageable goal.

Here are some photos to enjoy.
You can also view my project page at Ravelry with more detailed notes.
First six colours chosen
Clue one in process

Clue three completed.
Practise layout of squares to check how colours would work

Ten squares so far

My little helper
The squares drying and blocking

Finished squares
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