Friday, 29 October 2010

Back from holiday with some lovely goodies

Well sorry for the delay in posting, I have been in America for a few weeks and had a great time. In between sightseeing and catching up with friends I managed to visit a few craft shops. Well they were like walking into heaven. For those of you who haven't been to America, all of their shops are very big, and if you imagine Tesco or a similar supermarket, and then imagine it filled with everything craft you can possibly think of, that gives you an idea of what they are like! I even got to push a trolley around and fill it with stuff!

The big shops are great for the element of wonder and excitement of being surrounding by so many things which you can buy, and they have a pretty good choice aswell. The prices are also very reasonable, and there are some brands which are hard to get hold of over here. However, you do lose a sense of community or friendliness in a way. In the British craft shops, they are small, and full up of ribbons and fabrics and buttons and threads all in little boxes, drawers, bookcases and baskets. You can spend hours in there rummaging and looking and discovering because it is so small and traditional. There is more of an atmosphere in them. You can do the same with the supermarkets, but it is a different experience with more of a wow factor.
So here are so examples of what I bought.
Christmas fabrics and ribbon.
These are cord and lining fabrics, I love the bright colours!
Because there was so much choice, I was a bit overwhelmed so I focused on buying supplies for some specific projects I have in mind. So over the next few weeks you should see these transform into something (hopefully) beautiful!

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  1. I love all your fabric choices. Great makes!