Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cath Kidson bag

So, my latest creation was from a kit I got with the Cath Kidson book 'Sew'. It looks like a good starter book, has useful guides to the basics and is laid out well. In the book comes the fabric and accessories pre cut to make a bag.
This was quite simple to make and it was a lot quicker as I just had to pick up the components rather than cut them up.
I enjoyed making this and I learnt a few new techniques which were:
·         T-Junction seam - I liked this method as it was a simple method to add width and shape to the design of the bag.
·         Rouleau button loops. I did not like this, it was very difficult and I could not understand how it would work. However after a few days and many attempts I managed to do it. It does look good, but I will be avoiding this in future projects!
·         Button holes - I decided to do them by hand as I didn’t have any extra fabric in case I did it wrong. Hand stitching them took quite a bit of time but I like how they turned out, I need to work on making them neater however I think they are acceptable for a first attempt.

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  1. oooo I made that bag at Christmas too!! xx