Thursday, 3 February 2011

Christmas present two

Owl shoulder bag

I am very pleased with this item. I bought the fabric specfically for this project and I was keen to get started on it.
The bag is the smaller version of the first bag I posted about therefore I was familiar with the techniques.

 Cut pieces ready to get sewn together

 Drawing the flap for the clasp
I wanted to make sure the design did not have sections cut off
Main bag and lining completed.

Attaching top band and strap

 Finished bag!

I really enjoyed making this bag, partly because the pattern is so cheerful, every time I was working on this I smiled :)
When cutting the fabric I utilised the design of the fabric. So for the strap I had the owls the right way up, and I cut the flap to show the two owls not cut in half.
I gave this to my sister on Christmas day and she was very pleased with it.
I enjoy working with cord it is a good fabric to work with as it is soft and easy to cut and fold and also it creates more durable bags than cotton alone.
I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. Love the owls - gorgeous!

    I have awarded your lovely blog a Stylish Blogger Award! Please visit my blog at for more info!
    Wendy x

  2. I am a huge owl fan too!
    From your new blog follower, Anna x