Friday, 12 June 2015

Ripple blanket

Ripple blanket is complete!

I finally finished my ripple blanket last week and it is huge and very snuggly.

To recap, my sister bought me the yarn for my birthday in November and I started making it in January, so it has taken me about 6 months to complete. It was a kit for the blanket project and there is quite a bit of yarn left over, except for the Lavender which was used for the boarder, I have about a metre of that left!
 photo 20150531_151953a.jpg
Leftovers from the Attic24 Cottage blanket kit

I did find the starting chain and first 3 rows very difficult and frustrating and was about to give up on my 4th attempt! Luckily this attempt worked and I carried on.

Once I got past the starting chain I found this an enjoyable and relaxing project to complete as it is the same stitch pattern throughout so I only needed to check the pattern for the next colour to use.  I loved watching the colour changes and how well they all worked together.

This lived in a basket next to the sofa and visited knit night twice, but then it got too big to transport, so it became my TV project, I think I got through a series each of Person of Interest, Elementary, Castle and Game of Thrones while making this.
 photo P1070892a.jpg

Towards the end I did start to wonder how long the blanket was going to be when it was finished as it is huge.
 photo P1070890a.jpg

It is made from Stylecraft Special DK and I would defiantly use this again as it is a good price and feels good to use. Also the finished blanket is very warm which some people may not expect from an acrylic blanket.

As you can see from the photos below, my biggest blanket fan was Bob the cat who was curled up on it catnapping at every chance he could get.
 photo Untitled-3.jpg
Cat snuggles and snoozes

I am now ready to make some very small projects and have some cute things lined up to make soon.

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