Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rowan Spring crochet along - weeks 4 to 7.

The Rowan CAL is nearing an end, the making up instructions have been published, so now I need to put together my hexagons.

Following on from Week’s 1 – 3, we have had week’s 4 – 7 with a new hexagon for each week. Some have been challenging, but as they are part of the pattern it is more of an incentive to work them out.

I have found that the first hexagon of each design has taken me a couple of hours to figure out and then the following ones have been much quicker.

I loved the appearance of the swirl hexagon and the texture of the stitches. I also liked the lacy flower version as it was so delicate and pretty.
 photo P1070899.jpg
Week 4
 photo P1070900.jpg
Week 5
 photo P1070901.jpg
Week 6
 photo P1070902.jpg
Week 7
Rather than put them together into a hexagon shaped cushion I will be using a rectangle cushion I already have as it will be more practical for the room I am going to put this into.

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