Thursday, 2 September 2010

First post :)

So I will start by saying welcome to my blog, as you can see it is a bit bare at the moment.
I will begin with a little about myself. I have been crafting and making things all my life, my Mum used to get sewing magazines and she would give me the free gift which was a small sewing project to do. When I was about seven or eight I was given a broken necklace and I bought some more beads and created a pair of earrings and three bracelets from it. I guess it all started from there :)
Since then I have tried many crafts, cross stitch, patchwork, hardanger, rubber stamping, card making, knitting, beading, lacemaking......
My main passion has always been beads though, I have many of them. I loved going to craft shops and looking at the beads there, and when I went to America for the first time, well, they have bead warehouses, they are like supermarkets, I thought I was in heaven!
My beads are the only supplies which travelled to university with me, and lived under my bed for four years, occasionally being taken out when I had less uni work to do!
Another continous theme has been sewing in some form or another, I love going to the craft shop and looking at all the beautiful fabrics. I like patchwork alot, as it can start off small and grow, and I can buy lots of different fabrics.
I was recently given a sewing machine and decided that I am going to sew more. Now I am a graduate with large university debts I can't afford to buy clothes anymore. So we will see what I manage to create!
I hope that you follow my journey and enjoy reading here.

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